Adult Sailing

Level 2 Sailing Course

The next step up after getting to grips with the basics at Level 1 sailing course. This highly informative and practical course is conducted on our fleet of 1720 Sportsyachts, where the trainee to instructor ratio of 4:1 ensures plenty of attention to each participant. This course develops your confidence and competence afloat as you make your way up the sailing ladder!


Level 2 concentrates on consolidating what you learned on the level 1 programme, in addition to introducing the following maneouvres and skills:

  • Reefing – making your sail area smaller to cope with weather conditions.
  • Learning how to pick up a mooring in a variety of wind and tidal conditions.
  • Learning how to come alongside a moored boat / pontoon.
  • Recovering a person fallen overboard.
  • Anchoring.
  • Introduction sailing with a spinnaker!

 Successful participants will receive the Keelboat Level 2 certificate.

Course Dates 2017...

Our courses run on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am to 5.30pm both days.

  • Course 1: 1st and 2nd April
  • Course 2: 29th and 30th April
  • Course 3: 27th and 28th May
  • Course 4: 1st and 2nd July
  • Course 5: 29th and 30th July
  • Course 6: 2nd and 3rd September - Course Fully Booked
  • Course 7: 30th September and 1st October - Course Fully Booked
  • Course 8: 14th and 15th October

Evening Course: Mondays and Wednesdays (6.30pm-9..30pm)

  • Evening Course 1: 21st, 23rd, 28th and 30th  August - Course Fully Booked

The course fee is €199.

Book Now…

Once you have chosen a date that suits you can book online below, or by calling us on 01 2844195. All major Credit / Debit Cards accepted. Don’t be disappointed, book early.

Once you have booked in, we'll send you a confirmation email outlining your sailing course, its date and start / finish times. Please ensure you have read our Terms and Conditions prior to enrolling.

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