Adult Sailing

Competent Crew

Our Competent Crew course is designed to give persons the ability to effectively and safely crew on a modern cruising boat.  The course is 5 days long. We highly recommend taking the Start Sailing Course prior to this course.

Experience living on board and really get to know the boat. Virtually all the course is hands on. You are the crew - without you the sails won't go up and the boat won't be steered.

By the end of the course you should be able to steer, handle sails, keep a lookout, row a dinghy and assist in all the day to day duties on board. You will have also enjoyed some enjoyable and scenic anchorages along the East Coast of Ireland and had an enjoyable holiday.


The course covers the RYA Competent Crew syllabus.

  • Knowledge of sea terms and parts of a boat, her rigging and sails
  • Sail handling
  • Ropework
  • Fire precautions and fighting
  • Personal safety equipment
  • Man overboard
  • Emergency equipment
  • Manners and customs
  • Rules of the road
  • Dinghies & tenders
  • Metrology
  • Seasickness
  • Helmsmanship and sailing
  • General duties

The Boat

This course is held on board either our Elan 36 'Beaufort Venture' or our First 36 ‘Lulla Belle’. Both are 36-foot cruising yachts with 6 berths, full kitchen including stove and fridge, as well as toilet and shower facilities.

Sailing Gear

We provide foul weather waterproofs, though you will need to bring with you enough clothing for the course duration and a sleeping bag.

Course Dates 2021...

  • Course 23: 24th – 28th May - Fully Booked
  • Course 24: 29th & 30th May, 5th – 7th June - Fully Booked
  • Course 25: 31st May – 4th June - Fully Booked
  • Course 26: 5th – 7th, 12th & 13th June - Fully Booked
  • Course 27: 8th – 12th June - Fully Booked
  • Course 28: 14th – 18th June - Fully Booked
  • Course 29: 19th & 20th, 25th – 27th June - Fully Booked
  • Course 30: 19th & 20th, 26th - 28th June - Fully Booked
  • Course 31: 28th June  - 2nd July - Fully Booked
  • Course 31B: 29th June - 3rd July
  • Course 32: 3rd & 4th, 9th – 11th July - Fully Booked
  • Course 32B: 4th-8th July
  • Course 33: 5th – 9th July
  • Course 34: 10th & 11th, 16th – 18th July - Fully Booked
  • Course 35: 12th – 16th July
  • Course 36: 17th & 18th, 23rd – 25th July - Fully Booked
  • Course 36B: 19th - 23rd July - 1 place remaining
  • Course 37: 24th & 25th, 31st July – 2nd August - Fully Booked
  • Course 38: 26th – 30th July
  • Course 39: 29th July – 2nd August
  • Course 40: 3rd – 7th August
  • Course 41: 6th - 8th, 14th & 15th August - 1 place remaining
  • Course 42: 9th – 13th August - 1 place remaining
  • Course 43: 14th & 15th, 21st – 23rd August - Fully Booked
  • Course 44: 16th – 20th August
  • Course 45: 21st & 22nd, 27th – 29th August - Fully Booked
  • Course 46: 30th August – 3rd September
  • Course 47A: 4th & 5th, 10th – 12th September
  • Course 47B: 4th & 5th, 10th – 12th September
  • Course 48: 13th – 17th September
  • Course 49: 18th & 19th, 24th – 26th September
  • Course 50: 20th – 24th September
  • Course 51: 25th & 26th September, 2nd – 4th October
  • Course 52: 27th September – 1st October
  • Course 53: 2nd & 3rd, 8th – 10th October
  • Course 54: 6th – 10th October
  • Course 55: 11th – 15th October
  • Course 56: 16th & 17th, 22nd – 24th October
  • Course 57: 22nd – 24th, 30th & 31st October
  • Course 58: 25th – 29th October
  • Course 59: 30th October – 1st, 6th & 7th November
  • Course 60: 2nd - 6th November
  • Course 61: 8th – 12th November
  • Course 62: 13th & 14th, 19th – 21st November
  • Course 63: 19th – 21st, 27th & 28th November
  • Course 64: 22nd – 26th November

All Courses meet at INSS Clubhouse at 9.30am on first day of course. There will be at least one overnight aboard the yacht so you need to be prepared, brining a sleeping bag with you. Course finish times will vary depending on destinations and weather conditions.

Course fee: €725

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Ammendements to operating procedures

Please note, these are our current operational changes, and may change by the time your course commences:

  • We have reduced the number of students onboard to 4, to allow for social distancing while above deck.
  • Only one person will be permitted to go below deck at any one time.
  • We will not be overnighting on the boat, therefore you will not be in close contact with anyone for an extended duration. Courses will run from 9.30am on the first day until the evening. Exact times will be worked out by the whole group and instructor.
  • We are unable to provide catering/meals, instead we ask that you bring a packed lunch with you each day. A flask of soup for example might be nice for the colder days. We will provide the means for tea and coffee, but ask that you bring a travel mug so as to no share any cutlery etc.
  • All gear issued will have been decontaminated prior to handing over.
  • The meeting point from the course has been moved to Dun Laoghaire marina, this is to eliminate meeting inside our clubhouse.
  • We’ll provide hand sanitiser and cleaning equipment to prevent cross contamination on board the boat.
  • Everyone must complete a health declaration prior to attending.

Amendments to bookings due to COVID-19

  • In light of the current situation, we have significantly relaxed our booking terms and conditions. If courses cannot run due to issues relating to COVID-19 we will move bookings without penalty, or refund fees where a suitable alternative cannot be found.
  • Please see the current schedule alterations here.
  • If you make a future booking, please be reassured that if the course is unable to go ahead due to future restrictions we will reschedule the course to a time of your convenience or refund the fees.

Participant Requirements/Knowledge...

Participants are strongly recommended to have completed the Start Yachting course before partaking in the Competent Crew.


Once you have chosen a date that suits you can book online below, or by calling us on 01 2844195 to book onto your chosen course. Once you have booked in, we'll send you a confirmation email outlining your course and what to expect! Please ensure to have read our Terms and Conditions prior to enrolling. Our cancellation policy for this course can be viewed here.

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