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Professional Commercial Powerboat Training

In Ireland operating smaller power-driven vessels for commercial purposes is regulated by the department of transport, tourism and sport, with Irish Sailing, the national governing body for sailing, powerboating and windsurfing appointed as the issuing authority for what’s known as commercial endorsements.

Irish Sailing summarise the legislation, licences and training requirements for the different categories available.

Powerboat Courses…

We offer the following powerboat courses that can be commercially endorsed.

The training courses are the same as those on offer to recreational users, we always teach to the standard that ensures you’ll be safe on the water, no matter whether this is for pleasure or employment.

Please note, while you can commercially endorse a national powerboat certificate, there are quite a number of restrictions on use. Night-time operations are covered by the advanced powerboat course, and generally speaking there are less restrictions, however, we would encourage you to contact us to chat about what you would need, depending on what you intend to use your qualification for. 

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