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Yacht Plans for 2022

By Glyn Williams, Saturday, 9th October 2021 | 0 comments
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After a truncated year, we're looking forward to a renewed focus on sailing in 2022.

The current season is nearing it's conclusion, one heavily curtailed and subject to near constant re-arrangements. The team felt it a much more challenging season than 2020, however, we were thrilled to accomplish much more both within the school environment and outside of it.


Beaufort Venture & Lula Belle...

There's still courses onboard the yachts running up to the end of November after which both Lula Belle and Beaufort Venture will be hauled out for a major upgrade and maintenance programme. We've calculated that each boat spends about 200 days at sea each year, between teaching, charters and private lessons. This year the annual maintenance work will be carried out by Chief Instructor Kenneth Rumball, Yachtmaster Instructor Gordon and Cruising Instructor Lorcan Tighe (who's freshly back from a year at sea as part of his marine engineering course).

Both yachts will be back in the water in February for the first in a series of professional industry focused training courses. We’re teaming up once again with Quarterdeck, the skipper and host training agency that delivers the world renowned sailing adventure and relaxation holiday, “The Yacht Week”.

We’re also delighted to be announcing that the planned frequency of Yachtmaster courses slated for 2021 will carry over into 2022. We had hoped to dramatically increase opportunities to train for and undertake this qualification, but like most of the best laid plans, restrictions got in the way. A corresponding increase in VHF, First Aid, Navigation and Sea Survival programmes are being worked on, to first deal with a significant backlog in training, but to also allow for the increased demand in safety training.

The schedule of basic training courses is expected to be live at the end of the month, with the team of cruising and yachtmaster instructors expanding to help cope with the desire from new boaters to get afloat. The new team members will also allow for new courses, including a series of Qualifying Passages to be delivered. These are effectively mile-builders, but taught and lead by one of our yachtmaster instructors. The programme is designed to offer accomplished Day Skippers and Coastal Skippers an additional training point between course and yachtmaster preparation. More details of this new programme, as well as the return of many absent from the schedule will be live soon.

Summing up the plans for 2022, we’re hoping for a busy and varied year. We’re certainly planning to be on hand with training and advise for the large number of new yacht sailors who hopefully will take their qualification, skills and training abroad for a yachting holiday in 2022.


RL Sailing...

Outside of the school environment, Chief Instructor Kenneth Rumball teamed up with Co-skipper Pam Lee to enter the world of doublehanded offshore yacht racing. Earlier this year there was great enthusiasm and fanfare about the potential inclusion of a double handed offshore class in the 2024 Paris Olympics. Unfortunately the event has not come to pass, but the campaign undertaken by Pam and Kenneth certainly provided much distraction for the team here. RL Sailing duo Kenneth and Pam are still busy sailing with a heavy focus on promoting women's participation in offshore sailing. RL Sailing updates are on their website, instagram and facebook page:

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