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What a Day Skipper Graduate Says

By Glyn Williams, Friday, 8th March 2019 | 0 comments
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Wondering what a graduate thought of the courses?

We always like to hear when someone’s training is put to good use. In this case, we have Day Skipper Graduate Phil sharing his thoughts on the courses, and a short video of his culinary skills being put to very good use on the South Coast Cruises. While we can teach you the sailing, there’s just no substitute for natural culinary talent!

“A big thank you and recommendation to the Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School for helping me achieve a personal goal and open up literally a world of possibilities having successfully completed my RYA Day Skipper certificate. They’re friendly, eager to teach and safety conscious. I have thoroughly enjoyed my weekends in Dublin Bay during the last year and enjoyed a fantastic 5 days sailing 150 miles of the beautiful south coast of Ireland. Highly recommend trying it out.”
Phil Ritchie - Day Skipper Graduate

Subsequent to Phil joing on our training cruises on the Cork Coast, Phil recently headed abroad with two other course graduates to Croatia for a week crusing the coastline calling at villages and towns along the way.

Become a Skipper by the Summer...

It's not too late to get your yachting training underway to be trained in time for the Summer holidays. The first step is a 5-day Competent Crew course. Next you'll need to get your navigation and sailing theory up to scratch on the Day Skipper Theory Course. This can be completed online, or in the classroom. There's no need to have necisarily completed the competent crew prior to the theory course. Once you've the theory course complete it's on to another 5-day course, called the Day Skipper Practical, where you'll be trained to take charge of your very own yacht.

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