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Summer Yacht Charter Survey

By Glyn Williams, Saturday, 11th April 2020 | 0 comments
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COVID-19 has undoubtably effected summer plans, but is there hope for the domestic Irish market?

Has COVID-19 changed your attitude to chartering abroad?

We’ve a 2 minute survey to gauge the effect of COVID-19 on foreign charter holiday plans and to see if we can assist the Irish yacht training and charter industry in what will be a difficult year or two.

Take our survey…

Why we’re doing this…

Since we restarted teaching the yachting scheme courses in 2015 we’ve taught over 800 people on a wide variety of programmes, but one common trend emerged. Sailors and those new to sailing were taking courses to gain both competence and qualifications to head abroad, with charter holidays in the Mediterranean being the top destination.

It makes sense, with the full training package taking you from never having set foot on board a boat to competent skipper coming in at about 1.5 times the cost of hiring a skipper for a week’s holiday, meaning you’re saving money by your second week, but also have a useful ticket and the training to explore on your own.

In light of the significant travel restrictions we felt it a good time to highlight the excellent cruising opportunities around Ireland, something we take advantage of with approximately 40 people participating in training/relaxation cruises each summer on the Southern coast.

We’re interested in finding out what your attitudes to yacht charter holidays are in light of COVID-19. We want to know if you think there’s a possibility to enhance the domestic charter market, supporting countless businesses around Ireland and tourism destinations that are facing huge challenges without the normal influx of tourists.

Who we are surveying…

We’re primarily looking to our over 800 customers for their views, but would be interested to hear from sailors and aspiring sailors a like.

What we’re doing with the results…

The main aim will be to generate conversation among the industry to see what can be put together. We’ve also asked for your views on what challenges or barriers exist preventing you from chartering a yacht yourself, to see if we can help address these challenges.

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