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Summer Cruising 2019 - Gary previews what's planned

By Gary Curran, Wednesday, 23rd January 2019 | 0 comments
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Yachtmaster Instructor Gary Curran previews the 2019 summer cruising programme.


Hi Everyone,

I'm sure many of you will be aware that, as we did last July, we will be heading South with Beaufort Venture again this year, on 1st July for our mile building cruises.

 We have 8 cruises scheduled, running back to back from 1st July until 15th August. Each cruise will last for 5 days, which means Beaufort Venture will be on the move, sailing around the coast of Ireland, for a total of 46 days including a few lay days in port between cruises.

You can view the full set of passage plans here and decide which passage and which dates might suit you to join me for 5 days sailing. Beaufort Venture will sail a total of 1600nm with an average of 200nm / cruise or 40nm / day.

I will be sailing with each crew of 4 people for their 5 day cruise. We plan to call into as many ports & anchorages as we can as we sail South from Dun Laoghaire and then West, along the South Coast as far as West Cork, where we will spend some time sailing around the islands and out to the Fastnet rock lighthouse. This year, we hope to turn the corner and head up the West coast for a while, as far as Bere Island and Lawrence Cove.

It might be necessary to find a few pubs and restaurants along the way as well, to make sure we get a full appreciation of the local culture and to stay healthy and nourished.

The cruises will start and finish in different ports as we progress along the coast, where our now seasoned sailors will disembark and make their way back to the real world and a new crew of 4 will join me for a further 5 days sailing.

I have some great memories of the last 2 seasons, sailing around the coast with all our different crews on Beaufort Venture. Some of the highlights would have be:

  • Anchoring for lunch on the South side of the Saltee Islands, off the south coast of Wexford, and going for a swim (not me, the crew !!!) and witnessing the resident Cormorants & Puffins.
  • Downwind with the Spinny up, going around the Hook lighthouse and up to Waterford city.
  • An exciting upwind sail in 30knts of breeze from Waterford down to Dunmore East.
  • Getting the spring tide just right to get all the way up to Dungarvan town for dinner and refreshments.
  • Amazing night sail from Dungarvan to Dunmore east.
  • Sailing around Cork harbour, stopping at the iconic Royal Cork Yachtclub in Crosshaven, spending a night on the marina in East ferry on Cobh Island, pulling in for lunch as we passed Cobh on our way up to Cork city marina.
  • Spending a few nights in Kinsale marina with all the fantastic restaurants.
  • Sailing onto a swinging mooring in Glandore harbour and having dinner and a few glasses of wine on the boat for the evening.
  • The beautiful Baltimore harbour and Sherkin Island.
  • West Cork and the scenic islands.
  • Rounding the iconic Fastnet Rock Lighthouse with dolphins as company
  • A fantastic 60nm downwind sail with the kite up from Kinsale to Kilmore Quay.

These are just a few of my memories of the last few years. Each day was an adventure, and it was great fun helping all the different crews practice their navigation and sailing skills while spending some time it what must be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

If you are interested in joining me as I go sailing with Beaufort Venture, it might be worth while taking a look at which of our cruises down South suit your diary and get in touch with the school’s office to confirm your berth so as not to be disappointed.

If you want to contact me about the cruises to get some more information on our plans please feel free to give Gary a call on 00353 86 2623727.

Take the plunge and come sailing on Beaufort Venture this summer!!!


Gary Curran

RYA Yachtmaster Instructor

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