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New Yachting Courses form backbone of strategy to support Irish Marine Industry

By Glyn Williams, Thursday, 23rd January 2020 | 0 comments
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Ireland’s fantastic marine environment has not yet resulted in a thriving marine industry.

This is something we’re aiming to change, through increasing opportunity for training in vital skills to allow the sustainable and safe use of our marine resources over the next few decades. We’ve developed a strategy to increase both awareness of, and enhance access to the opportunity Ireland’s wonderful marine environment provides for both recreational and commercial purposes.

Supporting Participation

Firstly, we’re working hard to introduce as many people as possible to sailing and boating, developing a base of boating enthusiasts to support marine trades, from riggers to engine mechanics and associated chandlery businesses. This has been an ongoing process with 8,000 participants in 2019 alone.

More recently we’ve launched a new family yachting programme allowing everyone to participate while learning a new skill, and for the over 16’s gaining an international qualification for use abroad on the perfect family holiday.

Encouraging Careers Afloat

We’ve always found training to be especially rewarding when people use the skills on their own boat, or indeed to advance their career. To support marine careers, we’ve launched two training schemes, one resulting in a commercial yacthmaster offshore qualification, and the other providing a framework for commercial powerboat operations.

Partnering with Overseas Providers

Most recently, we’ve partnered with Quarterdeck, the recruitment agency for skippers and hosts worldwide. They provide a tailored Academy that polishes your current skills in order to work with their exclusive partner “The Yacht Week” along with several other private charter partners in destinations such as Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, British Virgin Islands and many more.

As a partner school, we’re delighted to have a full programme of training for 2020.

We believe there can be a thriving marine industry, supporting recreational and commercial use of the marine environment and we’re ready to play our part to develop this. We'll be sharing more details of positive practical actions we can, and will, take to do our part over the next couple of months.

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