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Junior Club | What’s planned for the 15-17 years group

By Jeff Fahy, Friday, 7th September 2018 | 0 comments
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Here’s what section head Jeff Fahy has in store for the 15-17 years age group.

After an amazing summer, I’m excited to be back at the start of a new Junior Club term and looking forward to the next 13 weeks.

Here’s a few of my plans for the term, with Dinghy and Keelboat sailing as the main activities. Powerboating, kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboarding are also a few of the other activities I’ve planned.

Dinghy Sailing

We’ll kick off the term dinghy sailing onboard the RS Quests, Topaz Vibes and Laser Picos. I’m going to try to get out of the harbour as much as possible, with a few half-day trips to Salthill Beach in the works. I’m keen that every sailor has the opportunity to progress as much as they like, and I’m delighted to take sailors lead on what they need to get to the next level from their logbook.

Keelboat Sailing

As weather for dinghy sailing becomes less suitable we’ll begin on Sailing the 1720 Sportsyachts. These keelboats are also fitted with Asymmetric Spinnakers, something which we’ll learning how to handle. I’m also planning a small 1720 regatta day towards the end of term, with some great prizes on offer!


I’d like to finish by advising students of all abilities to continuously bring their logbooks with them, as it helps us as instructors to determine what standard their sailing is at, and also allows us to see what needs to be worked on to bring them up a notch. It really makes a difference to follow the syllabus and keep on top of what you should be practising, both on the water and off the water. The 15-17 years students are the masters of their own destiny and we’re delighted to allow them to take a lead on their progression.

The most important thing

This term is also about enjoying ourselves on the water, so stay tuned for fun-filled activities later on!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

Jeff Fahy

15-17 Years Section Head

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