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Junior Club | What’s planned for the 11-14 years group

By Shane Kelly, Monday, 3rd September 2018 | 0 comments
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Here’s what section head Shane Kelly has in store for the 11-14 years age group.

After an amazing summer, I’m happy to be back at the start of a new Junior Club term and looking forward to the next 13 weeks.

The aim for Junior Club is progression, with students regularly coming to us with topics and skills on which they would like to improve. Similar to last year, we shall be running on a ‘tutor group’ system, which enables us as instructors to focus our attention and coaching on a small number of students within the 11-14 age group. The way this works is by each instructor taking a group of students of a similar skill level and working on those students’ sailing specifically. This also makes it possible for us to cater to any level of sailor to ensure progression, be they beginners, intermediate with a good bit of experience, or more advanced students.

Beginner Sailors

For beginner sailors, the aim will be to familiarise the students with the boats for their first few sessions on the water, getting the basic skills down, and building on wind awareness. These students will be based in Toppers and Laser Picos, as they provide a simple introduction and are notably stable for those who are new to sailing. This will make the students comfortable sailing the boats in the harbour while under the supervision of their tutor instructor.

Intermediate Sailors

For those who have sailed with us in the 11-14 age group on our summer courses for a while, the intermediate tutor group will suit best. The aim for this group is to bring students up to a standard so that they can sail proficiently at any angle of sailing in relation to the wind.

Advanced Sailors

For those who are returning to junior club again or have been sailing in our advanced group over the summer, there shall be a heavy focus on doublehanded sailing, boat manoeuvres, and starting to race. This tutor group will primarily be based in our fleet of RS Fevas. Throughout the term, sailors will develop both their helming and crewing skills, and also teamwork to maximise the benefits of the doublehanded boats.


I’d like to finish by advising students of all abilities to continuously bring their logbooks with them, as it helps us as instructors to determine what standard their sailing is at, and also allows us to see what needs to be worked on to bring them up a notch. It really makes a difference to follow the syllabus and keep on top of what you should be practising, both on the water and off the water.

The most important thing

This term is also about enjoying ourselves on the water, so stay tuned for fun-filled activities later on!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

Shane Kelly

11-14 Years Section Head

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