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Junior Club | 7-10 Years October Newsletter

By Cian Coyle, Thursday, 25th October 2018 | 0 comments
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7-10 years section head Cian Coyle details how the term has gone so far and what there is to look forward to.


The first few weeks of our Autumn Junior Club has seen a vast improvement in the skills of our young 7-10 years sailors.  My team of instructors and I were happy to see so many familiar faces back after summer as well as many new ones as well. 


We have been glad to see that our relatively newer sailors have started to develop strong sailing skills while we have also seen a huge improvement in the skills of our experienced sailors as the weekly practice reinforces what they learnt over the summer months.  The benefits of such regular practice is clear as everybody continues to improve.  Many of our sailors have been using the weeks to progress through their logbooks.  For those who do not have one yet but wish to make use of them, they are available in the sailing school. 


We’ve been extremely lucky with the weather with only the odd bit of rain while winds haven’t been too strong.  Some extremely brave sailors of the last few weeks of warmth to enjoy a little swim at the end of our sessions but as winter comes nearer, I doubt that this will be happening as often.  With the approach of winter in mind, I’d like to remind our sailors that we recommend bringing extra layers that they can wear out on the water so that they are more comfortable as they sail.  Hats, jackets and gloves will all be well appreciated by our sailors once they are out on the water. 


Our Hallowe’en Midterm sailing courses will also be running from Tuesday 30th October until Friday 2nd November (9am-5pm each day).  These provide our sailors with an opportunity to enjoy their week off while improving their sailing ability to a higher level.  It is one of the last opportunities to get out sailing before the much colder months approach. 


My team and I would like to say a big thank you to all our sailors for making this such an enjoyable time.  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in the next weeks. 


Cian Coyle
7-10 Years Section Head


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