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Junior Club | 11-14 Years October Newsletter

By Shane Kelly, Thursday, 25th October 2018 | 0 comments
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11-14 years section head Shane Kelly chats about the plans for the rest of the Autumn term.


This term of Junior Club has been off to a flying start for the 11-14 age group! We’ve been lucky with having great weather for sailing almost every single week so far (apart from the odd bit of drizzle, but sure that’s’ not a bother). All the team and I have been glad to see all of the 11-14 group get back on the water after the summer months with enthusiasm and interest for the sport. It really is encouraging to see those who are eager to learn more and more about sailing and improve their abilities.


The benefits of us having a great start to the term will show in the coming weeks, because once everyone’s basic skills have been built up at the beginning of the term, it means that for me and the rest of the team it’s a lot easier to progress through the particular things that students want to learn, as we can apply those basic skills to achieve goals and work towards improving our sailing. I’m personally looking forward to the next few weeks, and I also encourage students to approach me at the beginning of each week with things they’d like to learn, as I can then try to implement them into my plan for the day.


A big congratulations to the students who started off competing in the RS Super Series! The work put in last year in junior club and also throughout the summer months has shown through terrifically, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they get on as the series continues. Other sailors from the 11-14 years group are welcome to join in, so chat to me at the weekend.

 The race training week at Hallowe’en is approaching quickly, and I’d advise anyone who is looking to compete in the future to take a look at this course, which lays down the groundwork for racing, while also providing a bit of fun as well.


We also have our Hallowe’en Midterm Courses running from Tuesday 30th of October to Friday 2nd of November, which provides a great opportunity to our sailors to get even more time out on the water before winter rolls in, and also to gain more experience (you can never get enough!).


On that note actually, just a reminder to everyone that the temperatures are already falling, and to remember to wrap up warm coming down for sailing. Hats, scarves, jackets, and a good pair of gloves can make the world of a difference! I’m progressively going to start donning more and more fleeces as the weeks roll on.


Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who’s taking part in our Junior Club this term, and I look forward to the next 2 months of it!


Shane Kelly
11-14 Years Section Head


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