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Increasing Access and Participation: Clubhouse Renovations

By Glyn Williams, Sunday, 20th January 2019 | 0 comments
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Building work is underway at the Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School.

Way back in 1990 the Irish National Sailing School moved from our rather small premises on George’s Street in Dun Laoghaire to the former Nautical College on the West Pier in Dun Laoghaire, occupying the majority of the ground floor. Twenty-eight years later our floor plan now included the upstairs portion of the building, however, it was requiring significant renovations to bring it up to the standard expected of a modern multi-use watersports centre to facilitate an expanded range of opportunities to get afloat.

Muriel Rumball recalls her first day walking through the door in April 2018.

“It was immediately clear that we had a lot of work to do!”

Muriel led a team who got to work straight away, patching up the space for use in advance of a busy Summer season, including a thorough deep clean, painting all the walls, sealing holes and replacing flooring. After a remarkably short time, the space was fit for habitation, if not ideal for use.

Work has now commenced on overhauling the space. Larger changing rooms, equipped with showers will be installed, allowing adults to use the upstairs of the building leaving the children downstairs. We had previously been limited in use of changing facilities, as we had to separate adults and children by timing. The fully equipped additional changing facility will allow for increased dinghy participation for adults.

The second component of the work involves making the space fit for modern teaching requirements. Alterations to the rabbit warren of rooms have yeilded two large teaching spaces. To match the demand growing for complementary shorebased training, one of these spaces will be entirely dedicated to a much-enhanced Day Skipper Theory, Sea Survival, VHF and Navigation Course schedule.

Check out the gallery below for a flavour of the work so far. We’re excited to be making this investment to increase access and participation in sailing and powerboating further, in keeping with our commitment to be your gateway to marine education and participation on Dublin Bay.

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