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COVID-19 Update | Adult Training Programmes

By INSS, Thursday, 29th April 2021 | 0 comments
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A new update will be out on Tuesday 4th of May.

We'll be examining the governments announcement on the easing of restrictions due on Thursday 29th April. The plan is to review our update from the 4th of April (reproduced below) and see if there's any scope for changes to the outlined plan. We'll see what we can do, but the current preparations have been focussed on the dates mentioned below. Stay tuned for more...

Adult Programmes - Update as of 4th April 2021

While children re-start outdoor sports training on the 26th of April a date for adults to restart training activities has not been announced. We want to try to get ahead of the reactive cancellation of courses each time there’s an extension or announcement on restrictions and provide as much certainty as possible. Therefore, we’re setting a new kick off date for all adult training from Monday the 24th of May. The decision was based again on a conservative outlook, but it means programmes are more likely to go ahead, and of course if restrictions don’t allow a programme run we’ll refund or reschedule your booking, whichever you prefer.

Powerboat and Dinghy Courses

We’ll be restarting these courses from Monday 24th May. We’ve just taken delivery of a fleet of new RS Zests which will allow for single handed training courses for adults to run with plenty of distance between everyone afloat. We’re also very fortunate to have some of the largest powerboats for training purposes in the country, allowing us to safely re-commence training while maintaining social distancing on the boats.

Yacht Courses

Competent Crew and Day Skipper

These courses will re-start from the 24th of May, subject to restrictions, operating exclusively on deck, with only one person below decks at anyone time and no overnights. We’ll be building on our COVID measures for these boats for the Summer as social distancing and precautions are likely to remain.

Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Courses

Unfortunately, there’s no safe way to run these courses as they consist of longer passages requiring overnights and keep people in contact with one another for too long a time. Therefore, we feel the safe and responsible way to proceed is to schedule these courses to resume from late August, when hopefully the vaccination programme will be mostly complete and a sense of normality has resumed.

Summer Training Cruises

Like the Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster courses, the safest course of action is to defer these programmes for 2021. We expect there’ll be a lot of disappointment in this decision, but we can’t justify the risk with the more transmittable variant now in Ireland.

Keelboat Courses

Unlike the larger yachts where social distancing can be maintained at all times, the keelboats don’t allow for this fully. Therefore we’re going to kick off keelboat courses in July, approximately Level 2 measures. We feel it’s the safest way of restarting these courses and are comfortable that this is the best approach. While we’d technically be permitted to start in higher levels, waiting a bit longer is in line with the approach we’ve taken thus far.

Shorebased Training

Boating is about taking safety precautions and avoiding risks where possible, and we’ve applied this principle to dealing with COVID-19. The shorebased training programme has been deferred to later in the year and will restart with small group numbers when indoor training becomes safe once again.


Again 2021 will be very different from a normal year, and there’ll be a lot we can’t do. However, rather than trying to squeeze programmes into various regulations, we’re going to focus again this year on what is possible, and be frank about it. Sailors and boaters can still do an awful lot – we can’t wait to just get back afloat and passing on the love of the water, which for us will be more than enough.

Until we can get back afloat, stay safe and we’re looking forward to seeing people back out on Dublin bay enjoying themselves when its safe to do so.

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