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A New Concept in Schools' Sailing

By Glyn Williams, Thursday, 24th October 2019 | 0 comments
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We’re constantly looking for ways to get teenagers out on the water and engaged in sailing.

This is one the biggest challenges facing those involved with children’s sailing, and sports generally, how to get teenagers who’ve not tried something before to give it a go.

When former instructor and teacher at John Scottus Secondary School, Eoin Bourke, approached us a year ago with the idea of forming an optional afterschool sailing club we immediately saw the potential. From 4 students in Autumn 2018, the club now boast regular numbers of over 20 sailors from all year groups, with only two previous sailors among the group. On the water, students sail a variety of boats, from dinghies, to squib and 1720 keelboats, with each session led by Eoin and supported by INSS instructors. Students can now confidently rig and sail these craft at all angles to the wind, tack gybe and control boat speed, as well as accomplish many manoeuvres.

Key to the success is the motivation provided by their teacher, but nonetheless, the students themselves all volunteered to take part, and enjoyed the initial experience so much that they are now putting in the hard work to learn the skill.

This is a partnership we are happy to replicate, which includes a strategy to keep engagement and enjoyment high as well as supports for teachers involved. Get in touch and we’ll help get it organised.


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