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15+ Years | Junior Club Update

By Jeff Fahy, Tuesday, 5th December 2017 | 0 comments

15+ Years Group Head Jeff Fahy reports on the Autumn Term.

Dear Junior Club Member,

This month has been a raging success, we didn’t let the rather harsh weather conditions stop us from getting out sailing and having a blast every weekend.  We braved the cold and high winds last weekend proving how far their sailing ability has come being able to sail the boats in a controlled manor despite the highly unpredictable and often very strong wind. The sailors have improved leaps and bounds in the past number of weeks in a multitude of areas the most significant of which is their word awareness which is naturally a crucial part of sailing and most of the other sailing skills rely heavily on this seemingly trivial

This week we held our junior club regatta where the sailors race against one another around a triangular course testing their sailing ability on all points of sail.  We have sailors competing in a multitude of different boats both single and double handed allowing everyone to race at their own level. As well as being good competitive fun the regatta will also help the sailors progress through their sailing levels allowing those on stage 3 and above to get some of their racing requirements signed off.

A lot of progress has been made in the logbooks this month with many of the sailors actively learning theory points at home after being shown by the instructors which makes a huge difference to the rate at which the group can progress through their theory levels. Many of the sailors have now mastered the nuances of IALA (A) buoyage which is the basis for all naval channels and warnings in mist of the world. The sailors are practicing their rope work every week and a huge improvement is already evident.

We hope to again utilise our fleet of 1720 sports yachts next week to enjoy being out on the water rather than in it, keeping warm and dry whilst still enjoying the thrills and spills that these wonderful high-performance race boats have to offer. The sailors have done fabulously this term handling everything that was thrown at them by the weather with confidence and competence.

Jeff Fahy

15+ Years Section Head


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