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Corporate Sailing League in Dublin Bay

Do you tell your friends or work colleagues all about your sailing adventures?  Do they ask when you will bring them sailing or racing? 

We have the answer for you! The Irish National Sailing and Powerboat School is launching the Corporate Sailing League in Dublin Bay, the aim of which is to provide intercompany competition and networking through sailboat racing as a team on board a proven 1720 Sportsboat.


Our fleet of 10 1720s are all identical, therefore, the winning boat will be the one sailed to the best, meaning teamwork is key to success.  Our hope is that a keen competent sailor from a company will sell the idea to four of his colleagues to create a team of five to go racing against other companies and teams.  For those teams that need some extra help, we will run a full training evening with the boats and if required provide a competent skipper/instructor as part of the team. 

Sailing has proven globally how the sport can encourage teamwork amongst teams on the same craft while also providing great competition especially in one design boats which leads to great networking opportunities once back ashore after racing.


A series of short races will take place over 5 Wednesday evenings. A training and familiarisation evening will be held on the 29th of April, followed by 4 evenings of competition, running 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th May. It is not necessary for the same team members or leaders to be present on each evening just make sure your company is represented!  Racing will start at 7.30pm giving teams plenty of time to get out from the office to go sailing. 

Après Sail

Growing and expanding business is hugely dependant on connections, forging new relationships, maintaining and building on existing contacts.  Sailing is used worldwide by many of the elite companies in all sectors for this purpose.  With many managing directors, CEOs and top business people sailing for pleasure and to keep business contacts alive, we see our new product being essential for this purpose allowing up and coming associates in growing companies getting a step ahead to form new relationships.  There will be a meal or BBQ after every evening’s racing to facilitate this.

How does a company benefit? 

Any company can benefit hugely from this program by giving their employees the chance to form new business contacts and connections while also enhancing teambuilding on a thoroughbred race boat.  In addition, for every company that signs up to our program, we will get signs made with your company’s logo proudly displayed on our boats to give maximum visibility to a wide range of decision makers who sail regularly on Dublin Bay.

The cost of the programme is €1,900 per team.

If you are interested in this unique new programme, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact details below;

We also have a wide range of group outing options that are ideal for those new to sailing. Full Event Option Details...


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