Children’s Sailing

Children’s Sailing

Kids Sailing Programmes - Dun Laoghaire Base

Kids Sailing Programmes - Poolbeg Base

  • Summer Courses - 7-17 Years Programme
  • Halloween Course
  • Easter Sailing Course

Children's Summer Sailing & Watersports Courses...

Programmes Overview...

The success of our popular kid's programme is rooted in the dynamic of dividing children into groups of their own age bracket and secondly, within these groups, children are divided according to their sailing experience. Each age group will have a beginner, intermediate and advanced section so all experience levels are catered for, and every child will be challenged within their level of ability. Children are taught in a pressure-free, relaxed and fun environment.

4 to 6 Years Group - The Sea Explorers

This course is offered during the summer months and will operate each day Monday to Friday from 9am-12.30pm.

Rock pooling on Salthill beach exploring the habitats and life of the mussel, limpet, barnacle, crab and other marine life creatures which are washed up by the tide on a daily basis. This is followed by an art and craft session. The highlight of the day for the Sea Explorers is the boat trip in Dun Laoghaire Harbour. We see the seals, jellyfish, limpets, barnacles and seaweed living and growing in their natural habitats. Our specially designed launch boat with a pirate flag make it an adventure children thoroughly enjoy. More Information...

7 to 10 Years

In Dun Laoghaire the group sails in the Coal Harbour, along the West Pier, a sheltered and hospitable training ground for our young sailors. At our Poolbeg Base, the group makes use of the sheltered River Dodder and the entrance to the Grand Canal Dock Basin. The group trains in the Optimist dinghy, a plastic hulled boat designed especially for this age group. In addition to learning the ropes of sailing, our 7 to 10 Years syllabus includes trips to feed Dun Laoghaire Harbour’s resident family of seals, Teddy Bear Picnics at Seapoint Beach and Paddling Races. The more experienced sailors in this group use the Topper dinghy if the weather permits.

11 to 14 Years

Run from our base at Seapoint Beach in Dun Laoghaire, the shallow water and sheltered area make for plain sailing. Ou Poolbeg students sail infront of the East Link Bridge, further up the Liffey outside the convention centre as well as making trips out into Dublin Bay. Sailors in this group will learn aboard Topper and Pico dinghies as they make their way through the Irish Sailing Association & Royal Yachting Association syllabus. An introduction to racing, kayaking and classroom theory are also central elements of the programme, as we provide our novices with an educational, fun and above all else safe experience on the waters of Dublin Bay.

For the more advanced students our 11-14 Years Advanced Section will introduce students to the more challenging manoeuvres of the syllabus and the RS Feva dinghy where participants will learn how to master the Spinnaker.

15 to 18 Years

Based in the Training Area of Dun Laoghaire Harbour and making use of the River and Bay from Poolbeg, the 15+ Group concentrate on sailing in Pico, Topaz Magno, Laser Vago and Laser 2 dinghies. Day Trips to Dalkey, Sandycove and Blackrock aboard our fleet of Squibs and 1720's are a regular feature, as we increase the confidence and competence of our students afloat. Personal Development skills will grow as we increasingly rely on the student's input (e.g. gathering weather and tidal information) as they make their way through the syllabus. Many of our students in this group will be selected to work as Assistant Instructors as they progress.

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