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Yachts and Keelboats

Lula Belle - Beneteau First 36.7

Lulla Belle is a Beneteau First 36.7 combining below deck comfort with fantastic performance. Lulla Belle had great success in the 2014 Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race, winning the doublehanded division, IRC4 and finishing 5th overall. In addition to her racing pedigree, downstairs Lulla Belle offers exceptional comfort for a weekend of cruising the East Coast.

Beaufort Venture - Elan 36

Beaufort Venure was added to the fleet in Spring of 2016 and has quickly sloted into her role as the main yacht cruising and training boat of the fleet. Beaufort Venture is 36ft in lenght, with 3 double cabins and sleeping accomodation for 7. She's equiped with all modern comforts and boasts a spacious galley. She's mainly assigned to RYA Competent Crew and RYA Day Skipper Teaching.

The 1720 Sportsyacht

 The 1720 Sportsyacht is designed to be a safe and exciting keelboat. The 1720 can comfortably accommodate 5 students and the Instructor/Skipper, is easy to manage and cannot capsize. In fact our fleet of seven 1720 Sportsyacht's have internal buoyancy tanks. The original idea was conceived by a group of committed racing members of the Royal Cork Yacht Club, which was founded in 1720, hence the origin of the boats name.

The Squib Keelboat

The Squib keelboat is a more reserved vessel when compared to the 1720 Sportsyacht. As with the 1720 Sportsyacht it cannot capsize and all sailors in the boat need not worry about getting wet apart from the occasional shower of rain or odd splash.

Dinghy Fleet

Optimist Dinghy

The Optimist was designed in 1947 and later modified to its current form. The Optimist is safe, easy and fun to sail. Our 7-10 years group make use of this boat. Its plastic hull makes it the ideal boat to introduce youngsters to the joys of sailing. Our fleet of Optimists consists of over 45 boats which are stored in the Coal Harbour on pontoons where the 7-10 years group sail from. This removes the need for the younger children to pull boats up and down slipway.

Topper Dinghy

The Topper was designed by Ian Proctor in 1977. The Topper was originally designed to be built out of glass reinforced plastic but was re-engineered to be made of injection moulded polypropylene which was much more damage resistant and proved immensely popular in sailing schools in the UK and Ireland. At one point in the boats lifetime the Topper was the largest injection moulded mass production plastic component in the world. At 11' the Topper is designed to be car “toppable” and the mast splits into two sections, allowing the spars (mast and boom) to be stored and transported.

The Topper Dinghy is sailed regularly by our 11-14 years beginner groups. Our fleet consists of over 80 Topper Dinghies.

Laser Pico Dinghy

The Laser Pico dinghy is sailed both as a single hander and a double hander by our 11-14 years advanced, 15-17 years beginner groups and adult trainees. It was designed by Jo Richards in the mid-1990s. The hull is of thermoplastic sandwich construction, providing strength, stiffness and built-in buoyancy. The cockpit is self-draining. The boat comes equipped with an aluminium two-piece mast, an aluminium boom, a daggerboard and a lifting rudder.

Laser has sold over 10,000 of these boats and we are proud to say we have one of the largest fleets of Laser Pico's in Ireland, now standing at just over 40 boats.

RS Feva

Our fleet of RS Feva's see plenty of use with the 11-14 years advanced section and 15-17 years advanced section to learn how to fly a spinnaker. It's fast, fun and demanding. The students are coached on downwind technique in this dinghy and as it requires two students to sail teamwork and communication skills are developed. Our RS Feva fleet is based in the Coal Harbour.

RS Quest, Topaz Vibe, Topaz Magno & Laser Vago

These double-handed dinghies are used by the 15-17 years advanced group. These boats provide our 15+ Years group the challenge of sailing a trapeze boat and mastering the fine-tuning skills required to sail a dinghy at a high level.

Powerboat Fleet

We're proud of our powerboat fleet, the largest in Ireland and boasting some of Ireland's top spec boats for training and saftey work. Full details can be found here.

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